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The Library

The Institute's library system is made up of 18 specialty libraries composed of 300,000 books, 350,000 magazines, pamphlets and journals, 100,000 videotapes, 300,000 films, and over 1,000,000 photographs, slides and illustrations. When totaled together, the Institute's library system is the most comprehensive sexological and erotological library in the world. A computer system has been set up which enables students and faculty to locate and use the many resources at their disposal. The student videotape library offers the student access to lectures and seminars from 1978 forward. The student library also contains videotape courses listed in this catalog as well as extensive collections of erotica, sex pattern films and historical television broadcasts dealing with topics of human sexuality. This student video library contained nearly 5,000 videotapes. It is the policy of the Institute to provide a selected library of material for each matriculated student, so that they may have their own library of materials.